Top Search Engine Positioning

Top Search Engine Positioning

By Alex Skorohodov

How do you achieve top search engine positioning or placement?

To achieve top search engine positioning and placement you must focus on your target market keywords and reciprocal linking. When a user types in a keyword or key phrase into a search engine query box, that individual will receive a listing of web sites that hopefully will offer information, products or services related to that keyword or phrase. Search engines will focus on listing the most qualified, unique, up to date and relevant web sites at the top of their search engine results page. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of creating visible and hidden (code to seen by the naked eye) content highly valued by a search engine along with establishing links from other relevant web sites. The purpose is to gain higher ranking among search engines with keyword focus.

When aspiring for top search engine positionging you must focus on backwards linking, higher traffic generation and obviously create relevant themed pages focusing on the key words or phrases that is wished to become part of a top search engines results page or SERP. This all works hand and hand. You cannot optimize a page for your keywords or phrases and expect top positioning if you have zero backwards links. Like wise if you have a barn full of backwards links but are not focusing your pages and optimizing them with keyword and phrase then you will never achieve the results you wish on a SERP or search engines results page.

Search Engine Optimization has changed dramatically. Once a reasonably simple activity of web page optimization for high rankings, the continuing maturity of search engines has resulted in a much more complicated and meticulous process involving research, careful analysis, and patience.

Gone are the days when good ranking among the spider-based search engines like Google or Alta vista meant simple adjustments to meta-tags. Today these same search engines de-emphasize meta tags in favor of analyzing visible unique content to establish web site theme and off-page factors like links from other quality web sites to support that theme.

And of course get referral links to your site. The more quality site related referrals you have compared to your competion the higher you'll rank for your target keywords.

A great software application tool that makes managing link exchanges so much easier is provided by 123LinksManager. 123Linksmanger helps you identify unethical link partners that are hiding your links on their pages, validates links daily for reciprocation, has the ability to manage multiple domains and directories at once, manage one way, two way and three way link opportunities and more.


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