Kosmos Central: Magento Integration with Microsoft Dynamics RMS

The benefits of synchronizing Magento and Microsoft Dynamics RMS

Save time and drive more value from your existing investments. Synchronize the Magento Commerce Platform with Microsoft Dynamics RMS using Kosmos Central’s Magento Integration. Seamlessly integrate Magento CE 1.7.x, Enterprise 1.2.x, and newer versions of Magento with Microsoft Dynamics RMS.

As a business owner you may be considering an integration between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics RMS. Synchronizing the two systems will allow you to simplify your work while providing your business with new opportunities for growth.

About Magento:
Magento is an award-winning ecommerce application. More than 150,000 businesses choose Magento for powerful, flexible, cost-effective ecommerce solutions. The Magento platform provides tons of flexibility and control with built-in features and many additional extensions and add-ons.

About Microsoft Dynamics RMS:
Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) is a complete Point of Sale (POS) system that can be adapted to meet your unique requirements. RMS is designed for ease of use and is a scalable, flexible platform that helps you perform in a highly competitive retail environment.

Here at Kosmos Central, we often receive requests from customers who would like to synchronize Magento data with Microsoft Dynamics RMS. Here’s why we bring the two systems together:

Magento-Dynamics RMS Integration Benefits:

  • Simplify multi-channel sales with automatic integration. Stop having to maintain Magento and Dynamics RMS independently. Kosmos Central’s Magento Integration instantly uploads product, price and business data to your online stores and automatically downloads online orders to Microsoft Dynamics RMS. This helps merchants reduce labor costs related to managing 2 systems separately and helps to improve customer satisfaction allowing you to process web orders without delay.
  • Reach new markets and save time managing your existing sales channels. The integration allows you to easily build and manage sales channels such as, web stores, mobile stores, eBay, Amazon, X-Cart, Magento and other online storefronts.
  • Eliminate double data entry. The integration automatically updates RMS and your online stores with information such as, inventory levels, shipping and tracking information.
  • The integration automatically uploads matrix items and product variants (e.g. colors and sizes) to your online stores and sales channels.

This solution automatically integrates Magento with Microsoft Dynamics RMS. At Kosmos Central we provide the ultimate solution that enables web stores of all sizes to implement comprehensive data synchronization.

Why choose the Kosmos Central Magento-Dynamics RMS Integration?

  • Increase sales through improved product availability. Let Kosmos Central show you how you can manage and upload product listings to online sales channels such as, eBay, Amazon and Magento.
  • Full portability. You own the shopping cart and its source code, with the ability to upgrade or change hosting plans at any time.
  • Flexible options. Magento’s open source software allows you to fully customize the design and features of your Magento-powered store.
  • Great support. Need help setting up your stores? With more than 10 years’ experience, we can help you build and configure your online stores to fit your needs.

Additional Options:
The Kosmos Central Magento-Dynamics RMS Integration also works with other ecommerce, POS and ERP systems. Our system easily connects Magento to your ERP or accounting solution to help you synchronize inventory and centralize orders. Integrate with other supported POS systems like Lightspeed, Revel and Smyth Retail or other ERP systems like Sage ERP X3 and Sage 100 ERP. If your system isn’t listed we can integrate using web services and APIs.

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