Why ISVs and VARs need next generation integrations

Next generation data integrations offer new opportunities to ISVs and VARs. Companies now have the ability to swap out ERP, POS, ecommerce, CRM, and many other business applications without creating a new integration from scratch. Next generation integrations also allow for seamless data migrations needed due to mergers and acquisitions.

It has become a fact of business today that as merchants grow their applications often grow as well. ERPs, POSs, CRMs, payment systems, web carts, sales order management, shipping/tracking, logistics, requisitions, loyalty, automated marketing, and many other software solutions are the tools required to manage and sustain growth in today’s market.

However, these are mostly disparate systems. An ISV with the perfect solution for one problem might not be able to integrate with a clients existing system, resulting in one more lost sale. VARs have too many stories of the sale that almost was because the client had already spent a lot of time and money on other systems, and was not willing to start over.

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