ERP Ecommerce Integrations

ERP Ecommerce Integration
Software Overview

Kosmos Central’s ERP ecommerce integration instantly enters items and inventory levels from your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system into multiple online stores and sales channels and automatically enters online orders and customer data into your ERP system.

Kosmos eSync – ERP Ecommerce Integration:

Kosmos eSync - ERP Ecommerce Integration Diagram

How it Works:

The integration automatically moves product data, inventory levels, order details, and customer information between your ERP systems, online stores and marketplaces using web services or APIs.

Kosmos eSync is integration software for connecting applications.
Automate tasks and move data between your online stores, marketplaces and ERP systems and control how the integration transfers and updates data to meet your needs.

Manage your data in one location. Manage data for multiple online stores and marketplaces from the ERP systems you already use and integrate with new applications using web services and APIs.

ERP Ecommerce Integrations:

Supported Applications:

ERP Systems:
Sage ERP X3
Sage 100 ERP

POS Systems:
Lightspeed Cloud
Revel Systems
Microsoft Dynamics RMS
Smyth Retail Merchant Plus!

Ecommerce Shopping Carts (Online Stores):


If a system is not listed above you can use eSync to integrate with new applications using web services or APIs.

Web services and APIs allow you to automate tasks and move data to new online stores and applications, and can be created by our team to meet your needs now and as you grow.