Account setup

This information will help us customize eSync to your needs.

For help completing the form please open a support ticket or call toll free:


1) Account email
Enter the email address used to login to your eSync account.

2) Website address
Enter the website address (URL) of the web store you would like to integrate.

3) Lightspeed shop
Enter the Lightspeed shop that will be used to track orders and inventory from the web store.

4) Lightspeed employee
Enter the Lightspeed employee that will be used to track orders from the web store.

5) Lightspeed register
Enter the Lightspeed register that will be used to track orders from the web store.

6) Lightspeed payment type
Enter the Lightspeed payment type that will apply to orders from the web store.

7) Lightspeed product code
Choose the Lightspeed product code that will be used as the SKU in the web store.

8) Lightspeed shipping product
Enter the product code of the shipping product in Lightspeed. For example, if you selected Custom SKU in question #7, please enter the Custom SKU of the shipping product below.

Note: You need to create a product named ‘Shipping’ in Lightspeed. This is required by Lightspeed to track shipping costs for online orders. Do not enter a price for the shipping product.

9) Start date
Send product information from Lightspeed to the web store that has been updated after the following date. Enter the start date below.