Ecommerce Hosting Features

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Hosting Features

  • Accessibility
  • Control
  • Physical Server Protection
  • Spam Prevention
  • Firewall Protection
  • DDos Detection
  • System Integrity Checking
  • Valuable Website Statistics
  • Scalability
  • General Features
  • Domain / FTP
  • Supported Technologies
  • Email
  • Control Panel
  • Web / FTP Statistics
  • Ecommerce
  • Dedicated IP Address and SSL Certificate
  • Hosting Terms

    • Accessibility
      99.9% server uptime guarantee.

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      cPanel gives clients complete access to domain name management, ftp accounts, email (with free unlimited email addresses) and support services.

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      Physical Server Protection
      Secure facilities, 24/7 server monitoring, on-site diesel generators and complete network redundancy.

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      Spam Prevention
      Our anti-spam tool enables the delivery of valid email and rejects as much spam as possible – before ever reaching your server.

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      Firewall Protection
      Our administrators are experts in firewall protection and keep your firewalls up-to-date, make routine & emergency changes and assist in developing security policies.

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      DDos Detection
      DDos Detection collects information from Internet routers and develops a baseline for normal traffic. An unusual volume of traffic or other deviation from the norm generates an event record that can be investigated by our team.

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      System Integrity Checking
      System integrity checking uses a database which monitors important files on the system and their file attributions to allow us to set alarm criteria for unauthorized server changes and malicious user activity.

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      Valuable Website Statistics
      Our packages also include comprehensive website statistics such as web traffic, visitor path tracking, bandwidth monitoring and disk space usage.

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      As your website and business grow we offer convenient upgrades and expert consultation to provide clients with the necessary hosting tools to succeed.

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      General Features

      • 24/7 server monitoring
      • Daily onsite backups
      • No contract
      • 99.5% server uptime
      • 15 day money-back
      • Free and instant setup

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      Domain / FTP

      • Unlimited subdomains
      • Unlimited FTP accounts
      • Anonymous FTP

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      Supported Technologies

      • MySQL databases
      • CGI
      • PHP
      • Perl
      • Chilisoft Asp
      • Python
      • Cron
      • SSI
      • FrontPage
      • Curl
      • GD
      • Image Magick
      • Module Installation
      • JSP (on request)

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      • Unlimited Pop3 accounts
      • Email alias
      • Auto responders
      • Mailing list
      • Catch all
      • Spam Assassin
      • Mail forward
      • IMAP
      • SMTP

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      Control Panel

      • cPanel 6.4 (Demo login:password = demo:demo)
      • Hotlink protection
      • IP deny manager
      • Engine submittal
      • Custom error pages
      • Instant php nuke
      • Instant chatroom
      • Instant forum
      • Instant guestbook
      • Instant counter
      • Instant form mail
      • Redirect URL
      • Web based FTP
      • PW Protect Dirs
      • phpMyAdmin

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      Web / FTP Statistics

      • Webalizer
      • Raw log access
      • Referrer log
      • Error log
      • Analog

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      • Choose an ecommerce hosting plan with a shared SSL certificate and IP address (or) choose an ecommerce hosting plan with a dedicated SSL certificate and IP address.

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      Dedicated IP Address and SSL Certificate

      • Dedicated SSL certificates are available for $150
      • Dedicated IP addresses are available for $75

      In addition to being more secure, dedicated SSL certificates and IP addresses remove the need for browser notifications when users move between secure areas of a website. This reinforces customer confidence while adding additional security to your site's transactions.

      Costs to transfer SSL certificates to a 3rd party server start at $75.

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