eBay Ecommerce, POS, ERP Integrations

eBay Ecommerce,
POS & ERP Integrations

Improve efficiency by integrating eBay with your POS/ERP system. Kosmos Central’s eBay Integration saves time by automatically entering product data and inventory from your POS/ERP system into eBay and automatically entering eBay orders and customer data into your POS/ERP system. Sell online and maintain accurate inventory levels between your business applications and eBay.

eBay Integration Highlights:

  • Automatically enter product data from your POS/ERP system into eBay. Product data includes, product catalogues, item descriptions, price lists, inventory levels and any additional information needed to sell your products online
  • Enter matrix items (e.g. colors and sizes) from your POS/ERP system into eBay
  • Manage product data from eBay in your POS/ERP system. There is no need to log in to eBay to make updates to your data
  • Automatically enter order data from eBay into your POS/ERP system or as a receipt for accounting
  • Avoid overselling. The integration automatically syncs inventory levels between eBay and your POS/ERP system
  • Complete flexibility. Rules and mappings allow you to automatically update data from your POS/ERP system to meet the needs of each eBay account
  • Save time and money. Since data is entered and updated automatically there’s no need to manually re-key and update your data in multiple applications
  • Increase sales. Easily build and manage sales channels such as, B2B and B2C online stores, eBay, Amazon, Magento and X-Cart. By selling across multiple channels you can increase sales with improved product availability
  • Multi-store integrations. Send wholesale products to your Magento B2B store and retail products to your Magento B2C store, eBay and Amazon. Merchants can have 100s or 1000s of stores pulling product information from one database to support your online distribution channels

eBay Integrations:

Supported Applications:


Ecommerce Shopping Carts (Online Stores):

POS Systems:
Lightspeed Retail Cloud
Revel Systems
Microsoft Dynamics RMS
Smyth Retail Merchant Plus!

ERP Systems:
Sage ERP X3
Sage 100 ERP

If a system is not listed above you can use eSync to integrate with new applications using web services or APIs.

Web services and APIs allow you to automate tasks and move data to new online stores and applications, and can be created by our team to meet your needs now and as you grow.