eBay Ecommerce, POS, ERP Integrations

eBay Integration

eBay Ecommerce,
POS & ERP Integrations

Improve efficiency by automatically integrating eBay with the systems you use to manage your business. Kosmos Central’s eBay Integration saves time by instantly uploading product data to eBay and automatically downloading order details and customer data to your ecommerce, point of sale (POS), ERP or back-office system.

eBay Integration Features:

  • Move product, sales and customer data between eBay and your ecommerce, POS, ERP and back-office systems
  • Instantly upload product lists to eBay
  • Automatically upload product descriptions and manage eBay product data from your ecommerce, POS or ERP system. The Integration automatically uploads matrix items and product variants (e.g. colors and sizes) to eBay and each of your online stores and channels
  • Automatically re-size and upload product images to eBay
  • Price lists are automatically uploaded to eBay and managed from your ecommerce, POS or ERP system
  • Automatically download eBay orders to your ecommerce, POS or ERP system for processing and fulfillment. Fulfill orders and automatically upload order information to eBay
  • Specify shipping methods for eBay orders and automatically upload shipping and tracking information to eBay
  • Customer accounts are automatically created in your ecommerce, POS or ERP system using order information from eBay
  • Avoid overselling. The integration automatically updates inventory levels for eBay and multiple online stores and channels
  • Increase Sales. Easily build and manage sales channels such as, B2B & B2C online stores, mobile stores, eBay, Amazon, wholesale stores and more. By selling across multiple channels you can increase sales with improved product availability
  • Save time and money. Since data is entered and updated automatically there's no need to manually re-key and update your data in multiple online stores and systems

eBay Integrations:

If a system is not listed above you can use eSync to integrate with new applications using web services or APIs.

Web services and APIs allow you to automate tasks and move data to new online stores and applications, and can be created by our team to meet your needs now and as you grow.

    eBay Ecommerce Integration (How it Works). Amazon, X-Cart, Magento, Sage ERP X3, Sage 100 ERP, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Smyth Retail.

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